I Love BioEra and want to share my Wares!


Enjoy these free BioEra design bpd programming examples. These designs are NOT to be used for biofeedback or clinically, but rather as educational materials so you can learn to create your own. Note also that entrainment can cause seizures, so don't use it unless you are a qualified and certified professional. Some of these require BioEra 3.167 or newer. These contain errors so no warranty of any kind is given and you must use them fully at your own risk.

The BioEra program is constantly evolving in ways which break my more intricate designs,
so be sure to use a compatible version of BioEra and do not ask me for any fixes.

The above package includes: breathing aka respiration, capnometry aka capnography, breath pacer, EEG inhibits, Alpha-Theta, EMG, GSR, HEG nIR, HRV with ECG, SCP, temperature, visual entrainment and various biofeedback components. Additionally you'll find nested design components for Time Domain and FFT versions of Phase, Coherence, Synchrony, Sum and Differences and Band Ratios, as well as designs for Filters, Threhsolds, Audio, MIDI Feedback and similar.
Some fun pictures

Safety, accuracy and completeness of information provided herein is not guaranteed,
so be inspired by it but do not use it as a basis for experimentation or other actions.

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