Strange LED sequencer

This bizzare PWM circuit fades from one LED to the next

This deceptively simple sequencer actually pulse width modulates the LEDs as it fades from one LED to the next. Bulbs will last much longer when driven in this gentle manner. Add MOSFETs or transistors to the outputs if you wish to drive bulbs. You can reconfigure the three capacitors from a wye configuration to a delta configuration, or you can remove one of them entirely and the circuit will still function. Use high efficiency LEDs for best results. This circuit was inspired by the BEAM sequencer circuits on the web. I simply reversed the roles of the resistors-capacitors and 'floated' the capacitors. If you remove the 1nF capacitor then the resulting monstrosity will chirp out RF interference as it hobbles along.

This bizzare PFM circuit fades from one LED to the next

How does the above circuit work you ask? It contains three cascaded PWM SOFT SWITCHCHING sections similar to the one shown in the in the center of the demonstrator circuit below:

Soft Switching PWM Demo Circutit

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